Someday you could save a life.

Registering your donation decision online at is the best way to indicate your wish to be an organ and tissue donor. Once recorded, your decision is available to the medical team and your family – should it ever be needed. Talk to your family. If organ and tissue donation is important to you, it is important for them to know what you want to do.

I want to be a living kidney donor

The decision to donate a kidney is a big one. Transplant Manitoba – Gift of Life’s living donor team is here to support you. Our mission is to provide you with the information you need to make the decision that is right for you, and to help you through this journey if you decide to go ahead.

Learn more about the process and how we determine if you are a candidate for donation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have indicated my intent to be an organ donor, will medical staff still do everything possible to save my life?

The first and foremost concern for healthcare professionals caring for critically ill patients is to do everything possible to save lives.