Transplant Manitoba - Gift of Life's team of doctors, nurses and professional staff is dedicated to providing care to patients pre- and post-transplant in Manitoba.

Management and Administration

Dr. Eberhard RennerFRCPC FAASLD
(Interim) Medical Director, Transplant Manitoba

Krista MaxwellRN, BN, BSc, MSc
Manager, Transplant Manitoba

Stephanie Haywood
Administrative Assistant

Nancy DoddP.Eng
Process Quality Engineer

Roberta Koscielny
Communications Specialist, Transplant Manitoba - Gift of Life Program

Gift of Life Program

Transplant Manitoba - Gift of Life's team of doctors, nurses and professional staff is dedicated to providing care to organ donors and promoting organ donation awareness in Manitoba.

Dr. Owen MooneyFRCPC
Medical Director

Dr. Heather Smith, Dr. Marcus Blouw, Dr. Faisal SiddiquiFRCSC, Dr. Carmen Hrymak, Dr. Murdoch Leeies and Dr. Gloria Vasquez-Grande
Donor Physicians

Dr. Leroy StorsleyFRCPC
Director, Living Kidney Donation

Dr. Juliano OfferniDRCPSC
Living Donor surgeon

Jody SawatzkyRN, BN and Camille BoucherRN, BSc, MScN
Living Kidney Donor Coordinator, On-call Donor Coordinators

Mark BarrettRN, BN and Tricia CartaRN, MN
Donor Coordinators

Beverley Veldkamp
Living Kidney Donor Program Unit Clerk

Miranda LindsayRN BN, Alannah ZiesmannRN, BN, Julie Gratton EdwardsRN, BN and Jacqueline ThieleRN, BN
On-call Donor Coordinators

Adult Heart Transplant Program

Dr. Shelley ZierothFRCP(C)
Director, Heart Failure and Heart Transplant Clinics

Dr. N. GhorpadeFRCSC and Dr. Mike YamashitaFRCSC
Surgical Heart Failure Program Heads

Dr. Allan SchafferFRCP(C)
Transplant Physician

Shari BarkerRN, BSN
Heart Transplant/VAD Coordinator

Derrick HibbertCCP, CPC
Perfusion/VAD Coordinator

Tannis PodheiserMSW, RSW and Stephanie BaronBSW, RSW
Social Workers

Adult Renal Transplant Program

Dr. Julie HoFRCPC
Medical Director

Dr. Martin KarpinskiFRCPC, Dr. Peter NickersonFRCPC, Dr. Chris WiebeFRCPC, Dr. Aaron TrachtenbergFRCPC and Dr. James ShawFRCPC
Transplant Nephrologists

Dr. Joshua KoulackFRCPC
Director, Renal Transplant Surgery

Dr. Gregory HardingFRCSC
Transplant Surgeon

Julie Gratton EdwardsRN, BN, Miranda LindsayRN, BN, Jacqueline ThieleRN, BN and Alannah ZiesmannRN, BN
Renal Recipient Coordinators

Cheryl KaluparRN, Brenda GawrylukRN, Michele CoutureRN, BN, Angela RoyRN, BN and Christine DandanRN, BN
Clinic Nurses

Kristin L’HeureuxBA, BSW, RSW
Social Worker

Siyao SunBSPharm and Kathryn PetersonBSPharm, ACPR

Renee SchettlerRD
Clinical Dietitian

Devon Peters and Stephanie Yalung
Post transplant Unit Clerks

Denielle Lopez
Clerk II

Liver Transplant Program

Dr. David PeretzMsc, Bsc, FRCP(c), FACP
Medical Director, Manitoba Liver Transplant Program

Dr. Nabiha Faisal
Liver Transplant Hepatologist

Dr. Manna Zhang and Dr. Eleonora Bakalets
Clinical Assistants

Vicki StrickRN and Hilda DayanghirangRN
Pre and Post-Transplant Clinic Nurses

Dami OdelolaRN, BN and Carly RoperRN, BN
Liver Recipient Coordinators

Alia Rarama
Unit Clerk

Lung Transplant Program

Dr. Nancy Porhownik
Medical Director, Manitoba Lung Transplant Program

Dr. Musawir Ahmed, Dr. Zoheir Bshouty and Dr. Steven Grocholski
Transplant Respirologists

Rhiza Lam

Patty Phrakonkham-Ali
Social Worker

Greg Hodges

Dami OdelolaRN, BN and Carly RoperRN, BN
Lung Recipient Coordinators

Alia Rarama
Unit Clerk

Dr. Shelley ZierothFRCP(C)

Jody Hainstock-BeavisRN, BN
Post-Lung Transplant Clinic Nurse

Pediatric Renal Transplant Program

Dr. Patricia BirkFRCP(C)
Medical Director and Transplant Physician

Dr. Aviva GoldbergFRCP(C) and Dr. Maury PinskFRCP (C)
Transplant Physicians

Dr. Joshua KoulackFRCP (C)
Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Allison DartFRCP(C) and Dr. Kristen PedersonFRCP(C)
Dialysis Physicians

Dr. Nafisa DharamsiFSCS(C) and Dr. Karen PsooyFRCS(C)

Kayla CruzRN, BN
Pediatric Recipient Kidney Transplant Coordinator

Jackie BoguskiRN and Marnie GretsingerRN, BN
Clinic Nurses

Dot MolchanRN, cNeph(C)
Post-Transplant Nurse Clinician

Leslie ZachanowichRN, BN
CKD/Dialysis Nurse Clinician

Dr. Polina Anang
Psychiatrist, Renal

Michelle HuotBSW, RSW and Kristin L'HeureuxBA, BSW, RSW
Social Workers

Kathryn PetersonBSPharm, ACPR

Lisa Wilson

Pauline Mohamed
Administration and Support Staff Team Member

Mariel Potente and Regine Opena
Nursing Assistants

Nancy DoddPEng
Process Engineer, Transplant Manitoba

Transplant Infectious Diseases Care

Transplant patients are at greater risk for infection. Infectious diseases physicians work to help lessen this risk.

Dr. Armelle Perez Cortes Villalobos MD, MSc
Transplant Infectious Diseases Physician