Tree of Life

Every year Transplant Manitoba – Gift of Life hosts Tree of Life, an event designed to celebrate and honour deceased organ donors and their families, as well as living donors and their families. The purpose of the annual gathering is to provide everyone with the opportunity to reflect on lives well lived.

Filled with music, stories from donor families and transplant recipients, the program includes a leaf ceremony and the presentation of the Donor Medal of Recognition. This national donor medal of honour acknowledges the kindness and generosity of organ and tissue donors and their families, and living donors.

The leaf ceremony involves family and friends receiving a leaf with the name of their loved one. Living donors receive a leaf with their name on it. The leaf is placed on our Tree of Life where it joins all the other leaves since the ceremony started over 20 years ago. The tree, which is located near the 700 William Ave entrance at HSC Winnipeg, symbolizes the strength and vibrancy of life and its crown of leaves acknowledges each individual and their gift of life.