What is is an online registry where Manitobans can record their wishes to be organ and/or tissue donors after death.

How will my information be used? Who will access it?

The information you give will be used to let Transplant Manitoba - Gift of Life and Tissue Bank Manitoba coordinators know that you would like to be an organ and/or tissue (including eyes) donor. It will only be accessed by these people when donation becomes an option. Your wish to donate will then be shared with your family so they can give the okay on your behalf for organ donation.

I have had a donor card for years. Why do I need to register online?

Thank you for carrying a donor card and indicating your wish to be an organ and tissue donor. However, the blue paper cards are no longer an option. Registering online at ensures your decision will be made available to your loved ones if that information is ever needed.

Who benefits when I register my intent to donate?

Organ donation saves and improves the quality of life for thousands of Canadians, like you, every day. We currently do not have enough donors to meet the needs for transplants. One person dies while waiting for a transplant every 36 hours. Why not give these people a second chance?

Not only does registering your wishes to be an organ and/or tissue donor help someone else, it helps your family as well. When you register your donation wishes, this information is recorded and stored in a Manitoba eHealth database and will be made available to your family at the right time, ensuring that your donation decision is known and respected. By making your donation decision today, you relieve your family of the burden to make this decision on your behalf.

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