Working to optimize anti-rejection therapy for kidneys

Congratulations to Dr. Julie Ho and her team on earning a $2.6 M Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) project grant.

Gift of Life Flag: A signal of generosity & hope

Today we are releasing a video to share the meaning behind the Gift of Life flag and why it flies here at HSC Winnipeg.

David Foster Foundation partners with ORGANIZE to introduce social declarations in Canada

Transplant Manitoba – Gift of Life is Canada’s first provincial organ donor organization to welcome this online tool.

Manitobans have 15,000 reasons to celebrate!

Manitoba’s online organ and tissue donor registry - - has just reached a total of 15,000 registrations.

Flag to fly in honour of living and deceased organ donors after every donation opportunity

In partnership with HSC Winnipeg and as National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week draws to a close, Transplant Manitoba – Gift of Life is unveiling a flag that will honour every individual ...

Kidney pillows are filled with care and kindness

Receiving a kidney is one of the most incredible gifts a person living with kidney failure can ever hope to get, but a firm, kidney-shaped pillow is running a close second.

Manitoba government approves all-in-one personal identification card

Manitobans will soon have access to a convenient, safe and secure all-in-one personal identification card (PIC).

Province to implement new policy to increase organ donation

The Manitoba government is implementing a new policy to allow organ donation after cardio-circulatory death.

Pillows provide comfort, care

Transplant Manitoba – Gift of Life is pleased to be able to provide handcrafted kidney-shaped pillows to all kidney transplant patients and living kidney donors.

Manitoban chosen to represent all living kidney donors in Canada

Every year Canadian Blood Services honours a variety of people – donors, volunteers, peer recruiters, partners/sponsors – at a special event in the nation’s capital.