Flag to fly in honour of living and deceased organ donors after every donation opportunity

In partnership with HSC Winnipeg and as National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week draws to a close, Transplant Manitoba – Gift of Life is unveiling a flag that will honour every individual and family who chooses to donate life-saving organs.

Every year in Manitoba approximately 30 people become organ donors through deceased and living donation. To recognize that remarkable gift, a specially designed flag will be raised at HSC Winnipeg following an organ donation opportunity in Winnipeg.

“Every time this flag is raised, it will signal that a decision has been made to give the gift of life,” said Lori Lamont, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

Dr. Adrian Robertson, Medical Director, Gift of Life said being with families during a time of grief and loss is a tremendous responsibility, but it is also an incredible privilege. “Our goal is to provide every family with the opportunity to decide if organ donation is part of the patient’s final wishes. So often families tell us that knowing organ donation is a possibility gives them some comfort during a very difficult time.”

When the flag flies it will be located at the corner of Sherbrook Street and McDermot Avenue. Its curving design invites the viewer to reflect on its swirling lines and interpret that image on a personal level.