Adult Heart Transplant Program

Although heart transplants are not performed in Manitoba, the Y2 Bergen Cardiac Care Centre at the St. Boniface General Hospital sees pre- and post-transplant patients in their clinic. Ventricular  Assist Devices are implanted locally as a bridge to transplant.

Y2 Bergen Cardiac Care Centre

Heart transplantation is considered in eligible patients with advanced heart failure who are not responding to device or medical therapy. In Canada there are approximately 170 cardiac transplants per year. There are 5-10 patients referred out of province per year for cardiac transplant. Locally, approximately 5-10 Ventricular Assist Devices are implanted per year as a bridge to transplant. Patients are assessed for consideration of transplant through the St. Boniface Hospital Heart Failure Clinic. For more information you can also visit the Cardiac Sciences website.

Heartlinks Manitoba

Heartlinks Manitoba is an organization comprised of heart transplant recipients with the mandate to support heart transplant patients and their families, educate members, patients and families, promote public awareness and raise funds to support patients in need of financial assistance when sent out of province for transplantation.