How can you help someone get an organ transplant?

Manitobans want to know, why should I register to be an organ donor online? is the best way to indicate your wish to be an organ and tissue donor. It never gets lost, never goes through the wash and, most importantly, it is always available to the medical team if you are in a situation where you can be a donor and save a life. It's also easy to share your wishes with your family through email, Facebook or Twitter. Telling your family you want to be a donor is the most important step in ensuring your wishes are followed.

I want to be a living kidney donor

Kidney transplant is generally regarded as the best solution for kidney failure. Donating a kidney to a friend or loved one, or as an anonymous donor is a generous act and a big decision. Learn more about deciding if this is right for you, and how we determine if you are a suitable candidate for donation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have indicated my intent to be an organ donor, will medical staff still do everything possible to save my life?

The first and foremost concern for healthcare professionals caring for critically ill patients is to do everything possible to save lives.