Transplant Manitoba - Gift of Life's team of doctors, nurses and professional staff is dedicated to providing care to patients pre- and post-transplant in Manitoba.

Management and Administration

Dr. Peter NickersonFRCPC
Medical Director, Transplant Manitoba - Gift of Life Program

Kim WerestiukRN, BN
Manager, Transplant Manitoba

Nancy DoddP.Eng
Process Quality Engineer

Loretta Cinq-Mars
Administrative Assistant

Roberta Koscielny
Communications Specialist, Transplant Manitoba - Gift of Life Program

Riley Carriere
Secretary, Transplant Manitoba

Gift of Life Program

Transplant Manitoba - Gift of Life's team of doctors, nurses and professional staff is dedicated to providing care to organ donors and promoting organ donation awareness in Manitoba.

Dr. Adrian Robertson
Medical Director

Dr. Kim Wiebe, Dr. Heather Smith, Dr. Owen Mooney, Dr. Marcus Blouw, Dr. Faisal SiddiquiFRCSC and Dr. Duane FunkFRCSC
Donor Physicians

Trisha PlettRN, BN, Jessica AmmeterRN, BN and Mark BarrettRN, BN
Donor Coordinators

Jody SawatzkyRN, BN and Camille BoucherRN, BSc, MScN
Living Kidney Donor Coordinator, On-call Donor Coordinators

Alannah ZiesmannRN, BN, Jamie CombiadakisRN, BN and Kelly HallockRN, BScN
On-call Donor Coordinators

Adult Heart Transplant Program

Dr. Shelley ZierothFRCP(C)
Director of Heart Failure and Heart Transplant Clinics

Dr. Rohit K. SingalMSc, FRCSC
Head, Surgical Heart Failure Program

Dr. Francisco J. Cordova PerezFACC and Dr. Allan SchafferFRCP(C)
Transplant Physicians

Shari BarkerRN, BSN
Heart Transplant/VAD Coordinator

Louise Frechette
Clinical Assistant for Cardiac Surgery/VAD Coordinator

Louise DyckCCP, CPC and Derrick HibbertCCP, CPC
VAD Coordinators

Debbie DeBrouwereBSW, RSW
Social Worker

Adult Renal Transplant Program

Dr. David RushFRCPC
Medical Director

Dr. Chris Wiebe, Dr. Julie HoFRCPC, Dr. Martin KarpinskiFRCPC, Dr. Peter NickersonFRCPC and Dr. Leroy StorsleyFRCPC
Transplant Physicians

Dr. Tom McGregorFRCSC
Director of Renal Transplant Surgery, Director of Laparoscopic Organ Donation

Dr. Joshua KoulackFRCPC and Dr. Gregory HardingFRCSC
Transplant Surgeons

Dr. Robert BardFRCSC, Dr. Darrel DrachenbergFRCSC, Dr. Ross MacMahonFRCSC, Dr. Jeff SaranchukFRCSC and Dr. Randy GuzmanFRCSC, FACSC, RVT
Donor Surgeons

Jamie CombiadakisRN, BN, Julie Gratton EdwardsRN, BN, Katie MawhinneyRN, BN and Alannah ZiesmannRN, BN
Renal Recipient Coordinators

Carol Beazley and Miseline Castor
Pre-Transplant Unit Clerks

Kristin L’HeureuxBA, BSW, RSW
Social Worker

Siyao SunBSPharm and Kathryn PetersonBSPharm, ACPR

Renee SchettlerRD
Clinical Dietitian

Cheryl KaluparRN, Cathy PfeiferRN, Michele CoutureRN, BN, Angela RoyRN, BN and Christine DandanRN, BN
Clinic Nurses

Melinda Mendez and Rose Suban
Unit Clerks

Liver Transplant Program

Dr. David PeretzMsc, Bsc, FRCP(c), FACP
Medical Director, Manitoba Liver Transplant Program

Dr. Manna Zhang and Dr. Eleonora Bakalets
Clinical Assistants

Peggy Lovelace
Pre and Post-Transplant Clinic Unit Clerk

Alia Rarama
Pre-Transplant Clinic Unit Clerk

Vicki StrickRN and Nicole PavaoRN, BN
Pre and Post-Transplant Clinic Nurses

Kelly HallockRN, BScN
Liver Recipient Coordinator

Lung Transplant Program

Dr. Nancy Porhownik
Medical Director, Manitoba Lung Transplant Program

Dr. Wayne KepronMD, FRCPC and Dr. Zoheir Bshouty
Transplant Respirologists

Dr. Helmut Unruh
Transplant Surgeon

Rhiza Lam

Patty Phrakonkham-Ali
Social Worker

Greg Hodges

Al Maronese

Alia Rarama
Pre-Transplant Clinic Unit Clerk

Dr. Shelley ZierothFRCP(C)

Clare RubinRN, BN
Nurse Clinician

Kelly HallockRN, BScN
Lung Recipient Coordinator

Pediatric Renal Transplant Program

We are a group of transplant professionals dedicated to leading, advancing, and advocating for patient care, research and education to improve kidney transplantation for children and youth.

Dr. Patricia BirkFRCP(C)
Medical Director and Transplant Physician

Dr. Aviva GoldbergFRCP(C)
Transplant Physician

Dr. Joshua KoulackFRCP (C)
Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Allison DartFRCP(C) and Dr. Kristen PedersonFRCP(C)
Dialysis Physicians

Dr. Nafisa DharamsiFSCS(C) and Dr. Karen PsooyFRCS(C)

Julie StrongRN, BN
Pediatric Recipient Kidney Transplant Coordinator

Diane McKentyRN
Post-Transplant Nurse Clinician

Dot MolchanRN
Post-Transplant Clinical Nurse

Ashley GiesbrechtBSW, RSW
Social Worker

Dr. Lena Anang
Psychiatrist, Renal

Darryl WilsonRPN
Psychiatry Nurse, Renal

Brendon Mitchell

Lisa Wilson

Phyllis MalowskiRN
Dialysis Nurse Clinician

Kerri Arsenault and Lydia Oliver
Unit Assistants

Julia Genik
Administrative Assistant

Gail Martin and Pauline Mohamed
Administration and Support Staff Team Members

Nancy DoddPEng
Process Engineer, Transplant Manitoba