Organ donation gets the Rick Mercer rant treatment

Check out Rick's rant.

Currently, hundreds of Manitobans and thousands of Canadians are waiting for kidney, lung, liver, heart and pancreas transplants. Many die waiting because there are not enough people donating to meet the need.

Manitoba’s online organ and tissue registry is All you need is a few minutes on a computer, your nine digit number on your Manitoba health card and responses to a few questions to register your intent to donate organs and tissue. Once you’ve completed your registration, share your decision with your friends and family.

By registering your intent to donate, your decision may mean the gift of sight to a person who is losing their vision. Your gift may mean giving a person the opportunity to live a healthy active life without dialysis. You may even give a gift that will allow someone to come off life-support and return to a productive life.

If you signed your organ donor card, please take the next step and take your decision to be a donor online. By registering your intent to donate, you ensure that your decision is recorded and can be made available to your loved ones when they need to know.