Pediatric Kidney Transplant

Collaborative Family-Centred Care

Transplant Manitoba-Pediatric Kidney Program takes a holistic approach to pediatric patients with end-stage renal disease, with an emphasis on family-centered care. Comprehensive pre- and post-transplant care is provided by a team of experienced specialists.

Our Vision
Leadership in pediatric kidney transplantation

Our Mission
To provide state of the art, comprehensive, family-centered care to children and families requiring a kidney transplant at Children’s Hospital, Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg.

Our Purpose
We are a group of transplant professionals dedicated to leading, advancing, and advocating for patient care, research and education to improve kidney transplantation for children.

Our Values

From Bench to Bedside

Transplant Manitoba-Pediatric Kidney Program serves the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, North Western Ontario and Nunavut. Our program is recognized both nationally and internationally for its innovative clinical research. Cutting-edge research sets the standard for advances in the clinical care of transplanted children. Our unique innovations include:

  1. Pediatric Protocol Biopsy and Follow-Up Biopsy Programs for the early detection of subclinical (aka "silent") rejection.
  2. Quantitative image analysis to monitor the progression of chronic allograft nephropathy (CAN) (aka "scarring"), the leading cause of long-term graft loss in children.
  3. Non-invasive biomarkers of rejection using urine nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR).
  4. Clincal trials aimed at the modulation of CAN.


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