Manitobans have 15,000 reasons to celebrate!

Manitoba’s online organ and tissue donor registry - - has just reached a total of 15,000 registrations.

Since 2012, has been securely recording the organ and tissue donation wishes of Manitobans. Unlike the paper card system, online registration means your decision is always available to our team and your family. If there is an organ and tissue donor card in your wallet, recycle it and keep those registration numbers climbing higher!

Currently, hundreds of Manitobans and thousands of Canadians are waiting for kidney, lung, liver, heart and pancreas transplants. Many die waiting because there are not enough people donating to meet the need. At any given time in Manitoba, there are about 200 people ready on the waitlist for a kidney transplant and about 20 people waiting for a lung, heart, or liver transplant.

One donor has the potential to save or dramatically enhance the lives of eight people.