#30Kby30 = Done!

In honour of NOTDAW, National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week (April 22 – 28), and to maintain the incredible momentum sparked by the tragedy involving #HumboldtBroncos, a challenge was issued to reach 30,000 registrations by April 30 on Manitoba’s online organ and tissue donor registry.

And Manitobans delivered – four days early and 114 registrations over! Since April 6, more than 7,000 Manitobans registered and over 2,500 registered after the #30Kby30 goal was set on April 13.

The incredibly deep and wide wave of generosity rolling across the country after a young man’s decision to help others was shared by his family, has generated ripples that have had an impact on organ and tissue donor registration numbers throughout Canada, leaving a legacy of courage, compassion and hope. If organ and tissue donation is important to you, talk to your family about your final wishes and register using www.signupforlife.ca.