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Quinn Thomas is Cycling for Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness

Quinn Thomas (a 2nd year medical student from Montreal, Quebec) began a four-month solo journey of 8,730 kilometres bicycling across Canada from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland to raise awareness ...

Transplant Manitoba -Pediatric Kidney Program plans a conference to celebrate 40th anniversary of their first pediatric transplant recipient.

Transplant Manitoba -Pediatric Kidney Program patients: help Transplant Manitoba plan this anniversary by completing a 10-question survey.

Canadian Blood Services releases Call to Action, a blueprint for the national strategy on organ and tissue donation and transplantation

Canadian Blood Services released Call to Action, a blueprint for the national strategy on organ and tissue donation and transplantation developed on behalf of the organ and tissue donation and tran...

Transplant Manitoba finds heroes at the Red River Ex

Visitors to the WRHA Go4HealthEXpo registered on the spot to be organ and tissue donors.

Become an organ and tissue donor. You could save a life.

Watch and share our latest series of PSAs featuring heart recipient Robbie Thompson, his mom and "Dr. Sam".

New online organ donor registry attracts thousands of Manitobans

“Our goal is to get people talking about organ donation. encourages people to tell others through Facebook and Twitter. We want them to tell their families, tell their friends,” sa...

Transplant Manitoba participates in living donor paired exchange chain for the first time

Two living donor chains took place over three days in February at hospitals in 5 different provinces, including, for the first time, Manitoba. Many of the recipients had already been waiting for a ...

Kidney transplant chains shorten the wait for wellness

Since its 2009 launch, the Living Donor Paired Exchange Registry has orchestrated 38 chains, 35 involving two, three or four recipients. The chains have resulted in 122 transplants, and included 23...

Canada celebrates its 100th successful kidney transplant with the living donor paired exchange registry

In November Canada's ground-breaking Living Donor Paired Exchange (LDPE) kidney transplant registry reached another significant milestone with the completion of its 100th successful transplant.